Curaçao is a beautiful island in the southwestern Caribbean Sea, just in front of the coast of Venezuela. It lies between Bonaire and Aruba and is the largest island of the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles. The Netherlands Antilles are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The island measures 275 square miles (444 km2) and is 38 miles long (61 km) and a wide of 3 miles (5km) to a maximum of 8,6 miles (14 km). The distance to Venezuela is 42 miles (67 km), which you occasionally can see with real clear weather. The island has 135.000 inhabitants with more than 56 different nationalities.

Curaçao has a friendly tropical climate, it is nice and warm year round. Temperatures do not vary very much during the year, which makes it particular pleasant for visits in the wintertime. Yearly temperatures differ around the mid 80sF (27C). An everlasting tropical breeze makes it very comfortable to explore the island or to relax on the beach. The main characteristic of the rainy season, October until February, is short occasional showers mainly during the night. The rest of the day is sunny and warm, so even in this season perfect vacation weather. The annual average of rainfall is about 22 inches (570 mm). Curaçao is outside the hurricane belt, which limits the actual chance for a hit to an absolute minimum. Most days you see the beautiful blue sky with some white clouds passing by.

The atmosphere is typical Latin American alternated with Dutch European influences. This makes the island so very special. If you walk through Punda, you can find a typical Venezuelan boat market next to a beautiful European styled merchant villa’s dated back from the golden age.

The island is a mix of several cultures, has a history that dates long back and fortunately a lot has been preserved. The nature is spectacular and contains many different aspects. Curaçao is known for his beautiful and exclusive beaches and therefore discover the beauties of the water life. A lot of watersports, but also different kind of sports are possible on the island. But also for shop lovers Curaçao has many things to offer. You will find fine art, design products and all the popular brands are represented. Not yet tired after an exiting day, you can experience the fun of the nightlife at Curaçao.

History and culture
The island is a mix of several cultures. This is because of the geographical location but also because there are more then 50 different nationalities living on such a small surface. The history dates long back and fortunately a lot have been preserved. You can find many beautiful restored “landhuizen” (country mansions), in which the history of the island comes alive. The architecture is unique. Nowhere in the world, besides the Netherlands itself, will you find such well preserved 17th and 18th century Dutch colonial buildings.

This gives the guests the unprecedented opportunity to meet the rich culture the island possesses.
It is possible to have tours through the restored center of the city, which is part of the world heritage monuments or you can visit a wide variety of museums on the island.

Water life
There are uncountable bays and unspoiled beaches. Where you can relax and also discover the beauties of the underwater world. Some beaches are intimate behind rough coves and others are lively and full of vacation activities.

The underwater world is breathtaking and incomparable. When you visit Curaçao, you have to meet the wonders of the life under the surface. You can discover it by the help of many companies specialized in teaching you how to dive or to help you develop your already existing diving skills.

Water sports are available in many different forms. You can do a kayak tour in the lagoons, or surf on the azure blue colored waves. Do a romantic sunset cruise with your beloved one or try to catch your dinner on a deep sea fishing trip. Swim with the friendliest animal of the world, the dolphins is also one of the things Curaçao has to offer.


The nature of Curaçao is spectacular and contains many different aspects. You can do a nice walking tour through Hofi Pastor or the Nature reserve Christoffel Park. You will find a huge cactuses, divi divi trees and stunning tropical flowers. You might also spot a rare neon blue iguana or one of the white tail Curaçao deer. Another way to discover the island is to join one of the guided adventures of a mountain bike tour through the country. You can also visit the “boca’s”, the place where the ocean meets the island in a spectacular way. Bird lovers are in paradise, because of the numerous species living on the island.
There are no dangerous animals or poisonous animals on the island.

For shop lovers Curaçao has also many things to offer. There are numerous shops selling products from all over the world. You will find fine art; design products and all the popular brands are represented. If you go home you can take nice and unique souvenirs with you.

Also during the night you can experience the fun of Curaçao. A visit will mean a treat to your tongue. You can choose between a wide selection of International restaurants. Whether you prefer haute cuisine, a spicy curry or a fast take away, the island offers it all. After your dinner you can dance the night away in several stylish clubs on the sweet sounds of the Latin American Merenque, live music or the best international DJ’s of the modern world. Some clubs are air-conditioned but the ones where you can dance on the beach under the stars will be the most sensational. You might try your luck as well in one of the many available casinos.

It is for sure that your stay will be too short to experience everything Curaçao has to offer. Your visit will give you the best Caribbean experience and will last in your memory forever.

There is a beautiful 18 holes golf course available. Just at the coast and near a beautiful beach. Playing Golf here will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

To stay in shape is no problem during your visit. You can play tennis on many different courts, train in one of the fitness centers or play a game of volleyball at the beach.

There are also more sportive opportunities to explore the island. What to think of a tour on the back of a horse or a rough ride on a quad.

By plane
Every day there are several flights arriving from the United States. Some directly from Miami and some arrive with a stop in Puerto Rico or Jamaica. American Airlines and Air Jamaica are the carriers. In the high season, December until March there will also be a direct flight from New York once a week with Continental Airlines.

From Europe, KLM arrives daily and with their network of partnering airlines they connect the whole of Europe to the island. ArkeFly will have 2 to 3 flights per week, departing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

There are also many airlines flying to Curaçao from several Latin American countries as well from other Caribbean Islands.

By cruise
Another way to visit is by cruise. Many cruise ships have included the island in their itineraries. Experience have shown us, that many passengers liked the island so much, that they come back to stay longer.

There are two national languages, Papiamento and Dutch. Papiamento is a Creole language spoken on most of the Dutch kingdom islands. It is a mixture between Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Dutch and some African languages. This language is originated around the 17th Century in order to make it possible for the slaves to communicate with each other and their masters.

However, a lot of people working in the tourist areas speak English as well. Especially the hotels are well adapted to the English spoken guests.
Also a lot of Spanish and Portuguese is spoken, while a large population of our inhabitants are originally from Spanish and Portuguese spoken countries.