Funbini is a full-service company specialized in tourism and transportation of passengers. It is active in the following fields:
- Destination Management
- Travel Services
- Tour operating
- Transport of Passengers
- Tours & Activities

As a result Funbini offers a wide variety of tourism related services, as well transportation solutions to the guests and inhabitants of the island Curaçao. Our services are offered to international wholesalers, cruiseliners, companies, individual guests and locals.

For Wholesalers, Funbini manages the destination. We organize everything for your guests, from arrival until departure. We make sure that your guests, and therefore also you, have a carefree and unforgettable vacation.

For Cruiselines, Funbini offers different kinds of shore excursions at the port of call Curaçao. We intend to be an organizer for different kind of Tours & Activities and intermediary for the transportation of your guests. We are also available for organizing and coordinating all your travel services, tours & activities on Curaçao.

For Companies and Individual guests, we offer a wide variety of Tours & Activities during their stay.
We organize theme nights, teambuilding activities, trainings, events and much more.

Funbini also serves the Local market with transportation solutions. In combination with the Taxi Foundation Sinusta, Funbini offers transportation for different sizes of groups. Funbini  operates a brand new coach (52 seats) and uses several young busses in different sizes to provide transportation as well an adjusted van for the transportation of disabled people.

Funbini distinguishes itself by offering services of excellent quality combined with a personal touch.

The company has divided their services in the following departments:
- Tours
- Activities
- Travel Service
- Transportation Services

Curaçao is a unique blend of beautiful nature, exquisite beaches, stunning architecture, multi cultural diversity and so much more. To explore the beauties of Curaçao on an original and guided way, Funbini organizes a wide variety of tours. We execute and accompany the tours ourselves and will transport you and your guests in our brand-new and modern coaches. This way the you can sit & relax during the tours and enjoy the diversity the island Curaçao has to offer. We also work together with other tour operators and transportation providers, so we have a large capacity available for the organized tours.

We do have all different kind of tours available. Some examples of tours we offer are; Island tours, Historic tours, Urban tours, Nature tours, Estate houses tours, Beach tours, but also tours exploring the nightlife.

Soon Funbini will have adapted busses available for the transportation of disables people. As soon as these busses are on the island, Funbini will also operate tours and offer transportation to the disabled guests.

Funbini has the ambition to offer a diverse and large package of activities to the guests. This is not so difficult, because Curaçao has more than enough to offer. We have partnerships with some active and service orientated Activity Companies, which we have carefully selected. With them we have compiled a program with a range of attractive and spectacular activities offered on the island.

The activities are aiming at different kinds of target groups. For example, we have active, adventurous, relaxing, educating and thrilling activities available. They have one thing in common; it is a whole lot of fun.

To give you some examples, about what we can offer:
• ATV tours
• Party cruises
• Boat trips to Klein Curaçao
• Mountain bike tours
• Kayak Tours
• Hiking Tours
• Catamaran Sailing & windsurfing courses
• Deep-sea fishing trips

Travel Service
We offer a variety of travel services to wholesalers and their guests. We see ourselves as your representative on the destination.

Some of the services we offer to wholesalers and individual guests are:
• Transfers from the airport to the accommodation and v.v.
Accompaniment of guests during their stay

• Providing information (envelopes, info book in lobby, info meeting) to the guest about:

• Curaçao
• Accommodation
• Tours & Activities
• Flight Information
• Provide information and promotional materials to the wholesalers
• Hostess Service
• Meet & greet on the airport
• Emergency assistance, 24 hours a day availability
• Intermediary between accommodation, guest and wholesaler
• Assist in contracting the accommodations
• Conduct and organize special travels and events
• VIP Services
• Arrange rental cars

We accompany your guest from the moment they arrive until the moment they depart. Our job does not stop the moment we brought the guests at their accommodation. On the contrary, our job really starts at that moment. By providing the guest with up to date and detailed information about Curaçao, tours and activities and nightlife, we can help them to plan their perfect vacation. We execute and accompany most tours ourselves. This gives us the opportunity to achieve a very high level of quality and to improve our services continuously.

To give your guests a secured and safe feeling, we have an emergency number available 24 hours a day. We visit them on a regular basis during their stay, to be able to provide information needed and solve any problems that may occur.

If requested we can offer services in which we carry out your own identity to the utmost. This could be by using your company uniforms for the hostess that serves your guests.

Transportation Services
In collaboration with the Taxi foundation Sinusta and the Dutch partner company Klomp Groep BV, Funbini offers a variety of transportation solutions;

• Disabled people on a daily or incidental basis
• Crew transportation
• Personnel transportation
• School children on a daily basis
• Weddings, business meetings, groups or events
We do have a variety of vehicles available to serve all your transportation needs, like:
• VIP cars or VIP vans
• Minibusses (8-14 seats)
• Midibusses (25 seats)
• Handicapped busses (4 wheelchairs)
• Luxury touringcars (55 seats)

Funbini can organize all your transportation needs. This could be a daily route or incidental transportation needs. With our partner company in the Netherlands we try to implement the European service level in people transportation on Curaçao as much as possible.

Funbini is located on the island Curaçao, the largest island of the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles. Funbini’s objective is to show the guests the different aspects the island Curaçao has to offer. We will make use of the beauties of the island.

Curaçao has a lot of potential to grow to a top destination in the Caribbean. Where a lot of Caribbean islands are overdeveloped, Curaçao is still in process. Funbini wants to be your key to this island.